Welcome to  agcphoto**, based in and around Stranraer.

We offer a free family portrait photo shoot, either in our small home studio or in the familiar surroundings of your own home.

just text or phone 07518 184949

and we'll get straight back to you. If you decide it's not for you -

no worries, but thanks for asking!



Because we enjoy taking pictures!! 

What happens to all the photos we take?

They are uploaded to a private, password protected online gallery. Private means private. No photos on Facebook or other social media - unless you choose to upload them.

Optional. From this gallery you can download all the photos* at a size suitable for viewing on your mobile phone.  Also (for a very reasonable price) you can order as many or as few prints (including none!) as you like for delivery direct to your door. You will see there is a huge selection of sizes, material and finishes to choose from. 

*(Please note that these will marked with an unobtrusive copyright notice.)

** I know it says photosbyaandi in the top bar - but life is too short to try and change it!!

text 07388 510922

email agcphoto@btinternet.com

and we'll get back to you.